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Gin Beach is located on the north shore of Montauk's coastline and was a favored unloading spot for the local fishermen returning from the rum line. One spring morning, the long awaited rum-running ships anchored off the north shore. The crew filled the rowboats with crate after crate of forbidden spirits, earmarked for the Roadside Restaurant. As the fire-orange spring sun began to crest the horizon a Coast Guard Cutter spotted the vessel in the distance and came about steaming hard towards them. The crew scrambled to throw the bottles into the clear shallow waters. Case after case of their livelihood splashed over board. After a squall, many of the green and blue bottles washed ashore. From that day on the locals referred to this area as Gin Beach. Rumor has it that mermaids of Montauk helped bootleggers evade capture...

Montauk Rumrunners' Citrus flavored Gin is the perfect blend of citrus and juniper to provide a refreshing taste. Enjoy with tonic, club soda, or cranberry juice for the perfect Montauk Cocktail.